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Coline brand



Once upon a time, Coline ...


Located in the charming town of Fourques sur Garonne, Southwest of France, the brand Coline was created in 1987.

Even since, it has become a recognizable brand of « Ready to wear » in the clothing industry.

Indeed, Coline is now specialized in creating and selling urban clothes to an affordable price across the world.


Inspired designs, large range of today's colours, we look for providing to women and men a casual sportswear collection with ethnic influences.

Every year, our trendy creative team designs both summer and winter collections to inspire fashion forward look.  Plus, our clothes are mostly made up of cotton, viscose or polycotton and clothing sizes go from S to XXXL.



How did the brand start?

   First, Coline set up:

       - 1982 : Creation of Coline Diffusion Company

       - 1987 : First participation in the Clothing Fair of Paris

       - 1990 : Opening of few seasonal stores across the country (near by the atlantic sea and in montainous regions)

       - 1991 : Coline Diffusion grew up and established its head office in Marmande.



  And then? Coline brand grew up and developed :

       - 1993 : The head office moved from Marmande to the new locals built in Fourques sur Garonne

                       Opening of the first Coline retail store in Marmande (47)

                       The first and exclusive collection was designed by a Free Lance stylist

       - 1995 : Opening of the second retail store in Bordeaux (33)

       - 2004 : The subsidiary Coline Spain is created in Almeria (Spain)

       - 2007 : A creative team is hired and integrated into the company

       - 2011 : Inauguration of « Coline USA Corporation », subsidiary company located in Miami, in order to develop, export and implant the brand into the american market.